Ealing Council Unitary Development Plan
Chapter 10 - SITES AND AREAS
Schedule   Map Sheet
10.1 Strategic Sites and Areas   1 Strategic Land Use
10.2 Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land   2 Green Space
10.3 Green Corridors   3 District Park Deficiency
10.4 Heritage Land   4 Local Park Deficiency
10.5 Public Open Space   5 Nature Conservation
10.6 Community Open Space   6 Views and Landmarks
10.7 Nature Conservation Sites and Management Areas   7 Listed Buildings
10.8 Viewpoints and Landmarks   8 Conservation
10.9 Statutory Listed Buildings and Ancient Monuments   9 Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Interest Areas
10.10 Locally Listed Buildings   10 Shopping and Town Centres
10.11 Buildings of Facade or Group Value   11 Built Sports Facilities with Community Access
10.12 Conservation Areas   12 Roads and Parking
10.13 Archaeological Interest Areas   13 Footpath System
10.14 Major Employment Locations   14 Cycle Route System
10.15 Employment Sites   15 Major Open Space and Development Sites
10.16 Designated Shopping Frontages    
10.17 Built Sports Facilities with Community Access      
10.18 Zones for Parking Standards      
10.19 Transport Projects      
10.20 Road Hierarchy      
10.21 Development Sites      



This tenth and final chapter in the Written Statement revisits the sites and areas referred to in the previous chapters. It also includes a number of additional sites within the broad areas referred to in the earlier chapters, and where appropriate adds more information about individual sites. In addition, the chapter includes small-scale maps indicating the land uses proposed in the Plan, and the location of the sites and areas referred to in this chapter.


The antecedents for each site and area schedule are given in chapters one to nine. This chapter also identifies key sites for development in each town centre, and these are set out in Schedule 10.21.


Each of the site and area schedules (10.1 - 10.21) should be regarded as a policy for the site or area in question.

  The Sites and Areas chapter effectively provides a gazetteer for the Proposals Map, which complements the Written Statement. Larger scale inset maps for the main town centres of Ealing, Acton, Greenford, Hanwell and Southall are included on the back of the Proposals Map, so that readers can properly identify all site specific proposals and boundaries.
  Postscript: Please see DCLG Direction 2007 in UDP written statement volume 1.
  10.1  Strategic Sites and Areas

See Map Sheet 1


1.   Green Space

See Policies 1.1, 1.3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.8

  • Major Open Areas:
    • Green Belt
    • Metropolitan Open Land
  • Green Chain/Green Corridor
  • Heritage Land
  • Sites of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (SMI).

(Also - Public and Community Open Spaces, Sites of Nature Conservation Interest and Nature Conservation Management Areas throughout the borough).

2.   Residential Areas

See Policies 1.1, 1.5, 5.1

  • Acton - Ealing - Hanwell - Southall - Greenford - Northolt - Perivale

Residential areas are primarily for housing, but include public and community open space, sites for local nature conservation, employment sites and other non-designated workspaces, neighbourhood and local shopping centres and other shops, designated shopping frontages, community facilities, stations and other transport facilities.

3.    Major Employment Locations - including -

See Policies 1.6, 6.1, 6.4, 6.5, 10.14, 10.15

  • Preferred Industrial Locations
  • Industrial Business Parks

(there are also Employment Sites in residential areas and shopping centres).

4.   Town Centres

See Policies 1.7, 7.1

  • Metropolitan Centre - Ealing Broadway/ West Ealing
  • Major Centre - Southall
  • District Centres - Acton, Greenford and Hanwell

(there are also neighbourhood and local centres throughout the borough)

5.   Community Regeneration Areas

See Policies 1.1

Park Royal, NW10              Acton, W3
Southall                            West End Ward (Northolt)

6.   Special Opportunity Sites

See Policies 1.1, 2.2

  • British Gas Site, Southall - A Masterplan is required. Site is suitable for mixed use including employment, housing, open space (local park), community, sports and an appropriate element of retail, subject to major improvement to the site's accessibility. Potential for links with adjacent country park. Potential for new road and tram routes through the site with land to be safeguarded for a tram depot fully meeting service and operational requirements (up to 4 ha). Development to cater for Southall Gateway Link Road, providing an east-west route across the site to the A312 and the Uxbridge Road.
  • Southern Gateway, Western Avenue
  • Atlas Road, NW10
  • Glade Lane, Southall
  • Greenford Station and land to north Greenford Road, Greenford
  • Ruislip Road, (where it crosses the Grand Union Canal, Southall) - continuing employment use (with levels of employment higher than in the year 2000) and a range of other uses including open space, housing, community and leisure uses in an integrated scheme following urban village principles of sustainable development and high quality design. Measures to improve the visual and environmental quality of the area will be particularly important, especially associated with the Grand Union Canal and adjoining public open space.

7.   Mineral Aggregate Distribution

See Policies 1.2, 2.4

  • Horn Lane, W3
  • Park Royal Road, NW10
  • Willesden Rail Depot, NW10 - development to incorporate new road link across the Grand Union Canal, creating an alternative to Channel Gate Road. The scheme must be compatible with CrossRail proposals.

8.   Waste and Recycling Sites

See Policies 1.2, 2.10

  • Greenford Road, Greenford
  • Stirling Road, Acton, W3
  • Gordon Road, Southall

9.   Transport

See policies 1.9, 9.2, 9.3, 9.9, 10.19, 10.20

  • Road/Green Corridor Proposals
  • Cross Rail
  • New stations
  • West London Transit

NB Supplementary guidance on Water, Drainage and Flooding (SPG 2) will indicate the Environment Agency's flood risk areas in the Brent Valley and near the Yeading Brook.

  The terminology used in this schedule is clarified in the policies referred to in each section of the schedule.

Map Sheet 1 - Strategic Land Use

  map sheet
  Click on the map for a larger view

10.2  Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land


See Policy 3.1 and Map Sheets 1, 2 and 15


1.   Brent River Park

Metropolitan Open Land

The Brent River Park is a special area of Metropolitan Open Land and Public Open Space, in the very heart of the borough. It acts not only as amenity land but also as a flood plain assisting in flood control. Development in the flood plain would lessen the effectiveness of the flood alleviation scheme and cause flooding of properties. It would also seriously detract from the open character, nature conservation value and amenity of the park. The Council will exercise the following principles in the control of development, and the management of the River Park.

i) Protection of natural areas, resolution of conflict between different activities and maintenance of its role as a flood plain.

ii) Any development will need to recognise the paramount role of nature conservation (see also ix).

iii) The Council will promote recreational, educational and leisure activities.

iv) The Park be used by the community with publicly accessible informal space in areas, to allow organised outdoor recreation where appropriate.

v) The area to be considered as one continuous park both visually and functionally.

vi) Further the aims of the Brent River Park Countryside Management Plan, emphasising landscaping and screening of boundaries of the park and to eyesores within it and to realise the potential for landscape and nature conservation.

vii) The Park to be linked by open Green Corridors to other open areas by footpaths, and by the canal towpath to the Thames¹, with bridle ways and cycle tracks to be considered where appropriate.

viii) To recognise the value of major open areas (Green Belt and other Metropolitan Open Land) outside but adjacent to the Brent River Park.²

ix) Natural river features will be enhanced where appropriate to improve its value for nature conservation.

x) Existing recreational land uses to remain, but with flexibility for changing demands. New buildings will only be considered where they are essential to its function, and hard surfaces and floodlighting will normally be refused.

2.   Acton Park - Bromyard Avenue Area

Metropolitan Open Land

Defined on the Proposals Map as a district park unifying all the various areas of open space which it incorporates, including private playing fields, with footpath links through the site where these are not detrimental to individual uses; conserve wooded railway embankment; and any informal landscape features such as hedges, and earth embankments; promote development of a district sports centre.

3.   Hanger Hill

Metropolitan Open Land

Defined on the Proposals Map as a district park, to include existing local park, a local nature conservation site on part of former Fox Reservoir and educational playing fields on the remainder; conserve woodland remaining and extend the beech planting on any land available after North Circular Road improvements with footbridge over and associated landscaping; the site of the Hillcrest Rd Reservoir to be managed for Nature Conservation; maintenance of existing educational and recreational open space.

4.   Ealing Common

Metropolitan Open Land

Informal recreation and amenity open space, including landscaping along North Circular Road, developing nature conservation interest including re-establishment of some informal shrub vegetation, maintain established role of accommodating occasional public events. Remove vehicular access to the roads partly closed across Ealing Common, returning part to grass.

5.   Twyford Abbey

Metropolitan Open Land

Community, education or hotel use in an open landscaped setting with nature conservation interest and identified as Heritage Land.

6.   Guinness Open Space Setting

Metropolitan Open Land

With nature conservation interest: recreational open space. Landscaping of Western Avenue frontage, preservation of landscape mounds and management for nature conservation.

7.   Ealing Green, Walpole & Lammas Parks

Metropolitan Open Land

Parkland open spaces with better access and links between the open areas jointly fulfilling a district park function. Walpole Park is designated as a historic park by English Heritage (see B27).

8.   Hanwell Cemeteries

Metropolitan Open Land

Maintenance of nature conservation value and dignity of secluded cemeteries with eventual possibility of open space use; link area via an improved Jacob's Ladder or other railway crossing to the Greenford Branch Line Green Corridor.

9.   Area adjoining Gunnersbury Park

Metropolitan Open Land

Recreational open space, maintain local pond as a site for nature conservation.

10.   Down Barns

Green Belt

Agriculture, grazing, defined sites for nature conservation including those of metropolitan importance; bridleways and footpaths with public access to farm for educational purposes; area of landscape interest, recreational open space, preservation of the moated manor site, landscaping off Ruislip Road sought with footpaths and cycleways where appropriate.

11.  Lime Tree Park - A40

Green Belt

Recreational open space, golf course, retention of open character, and maintenance of education site.

12.   Western Avenue Parkway

Green Belt

From Borough boundary east to Oldfield Lane: landscaping of adjoining open land to achieve environmental improvements including boundary treatment and areas for nature conservation; and footpaths and cycleways where appropriate.

13.   Northolt - Greenford Country Park is listed below

14.  Islip Manor - A40

Green Belt

Grassland of metropolitan importance and grazing; recreational open space; educational open space.

15.  Horsenden Hill

Metropolitan Open Land

Metropolitan park including recreational open space, woodland and natural areas defined on the Proposals Map to be managed for local nature conservation as formulated in the Management Plan; recreational open space; Perivale Wood defined as a Local Nature Reserve under National Parks Act 1949, s.21; canalside improvements.

16.   Ealing Northern

Metropolitan Open Land

Local park; educational playing fields, recreation/sports facilities; landscaped grounds of Sudbury Towers and areas of nature conservation importance.

17.   Spikes Bridge - King George's Field

Green Belt

Recreational open space through agreement with LB of Hillingdon.  Proposal for a district or metropolitan park to help address District Park Deficiency is under consideration.  Also identified as a site of Local Nature Conservation Importance and for canalside improvements.

18.   Hayes Bridge Leisure Gardens

Green Belt

Recreational open space; by agreement with LB Hillingdon to seek fuller use of the area for recreation; with a link eastwards through the open space; education and allotment use; safeguard footpath, landscaping and provide a link with the British Gas land.

19.   Norwood Green - Osterley

Metropolitan Open Land

Agriculture and recreational open space and defined sites for local nature conservation, linked to open space in LB Hounslow as part of Osterley Park Heritage Area and metropolitan or regional parks known as the M4 Park and the Brent River Park; seeking use of agricultural land and farm management to develop their nature conservation potential for education, open air tourist or recreational purposes in conjunction with LB Hounslow and Green Network proposals within sight of the M4.


13.  Northolt - Greenford Countryside Park

Green Belt

The Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park is a recently created entity made up from a number of separate areas of open space. The park is currently under development. Elements of the park are complete while work will continue in other areas until 2006. Specific areas and the proposals for improvement include the following:

  • Northolt Manor, including a Scheduled Ancient Monument and Site for Local Nature Conservation. Improvements to include enhanced pedestrian access and interpretation of heritage values. Managed for informal recreation, nature conservation and protection of historic values.
  • Belvue Park. Improvements to include enhanced pedestrian access; managed for nature conservation and informal recreation.
  • Retention of adjoining education open space, recreational use of the golf driving range and the existing canal moorings.
  • Birch Wood and Greenford Lagoons. Improvements to include enhanced access; managed for nature conservation and informal recreation.
  • Marnham Fields. Improvements to include completion of construction and planting of noise attenuation embankments along south side of A40; enhanced pedestrian access; managed for nature conservation (including development of community woodland) and informal recreation.
  • Smith's Farm. Improvements to include enhanced pedestrian access; managed for nature conservation and informal recreation.
  • Exploring the relocation of existing non-conforming uses for Smith's Farm yard and out buildings (the Council to explore the use of all its powers in this regard) in association with improved leisure facilities linked directly to or commensurate with the Countryside Park.
  • The Council will continue to seek environmental improvement on the east side of Kensington Road.
  • Creation of a safe pedestrian crossing of Kensington Road via a toucan crossing or road bridge and thereby link elements of Countryside Park.
  • Northala Fields (formerly Kensington & Chelsea Playing Fields). Improvements to include the construction and planting of noise attenuation embankments along the south side of the A40; enhanced pedestrian access; managed for formal and informal recreation including playgrounds and fishing waters; managed for nature conservation including enhanced bio-diversity through a range of ecosystems; enhanced facilities including an education/visitor centre.
  • Northolt Golf Course and Medlar Fields. Improvements to include enhanced pedestrian access; new wetland/watercourses; managed for formal recreation (golf) and informal recreation and nature conservation.
  • Rectory Field. Improvements include five-a-side football facilities; playground facilities to attract children of all ages; managed primarily for formal and informal recreation and sport.  Willow Tree 2 open space to the south of Ruislip Road and adjoining Broadmead Road is also identified as Green Belt, but does not form part of the defined Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park.
  • Mandeville/Clock Tower Green and the Northolt Village Greens.  Managed primarily for informal recreation. (Please note both Greens are designated as Public Open Space but not Green Belt).

¹ See proposals map

  ² Including, Windmill Lane (west), Glade Lane (east), Ealing Central Sports Ground, Greenford Road (east), Perivale Lane (north) adjacent to Western Avenue, Ruislip Road East at Brentside School.
  10.3  Green Corridors
  See Policy 3.2 and Map Sheets 1, 2 and 15

1. Western Avenue A40

The greening of this important transport route from the western boundary of the borough along the A40 to Park Royal station (linking Major Open Areas and branching northwards along Horsenden Lane South) and extending to the borough boundary at East Acton on land originally acquired for road widening. Along the A40, the road and footway/cycleway will be separated by landscaping and mounding where possible, and improvement made to the landscaping of the boundaries of the corridor.

2. North Circular Road NW10 and W5

Where it links Major Open Areas between Twyford Abbey, Hanger Hill Park, Ealing Common and Gunnersbury Park. The road and footway/cycleway will be separated by landscaping where possible, and improvements made to the landscaping of the boundaries of the corridor. The area of the former road improvement line is retained as Green Corridor and all of Gunnersbury Ave is now included.

3. Grand Union Canal

Including the towpath, associated land and small related areas. This is also defined as a Green Chain and as a nature conservation Site of Metropolitan Importance by the London Ecology Unit.

4. Ruislip Road Northolt

From Down Barns to Rectory Park where landscaping of the Hayes By-pass extends the corridor southwards.

5. Greenford Branch Line

Including embankment and adjoining uses from Greenford Station Viaduct through Perivale Park in the Brent River Park to the junction with the London to Swansea main line (see 12d). This area could incorporate open land, footpath and cycle routes, it forms a natural boundary between Ealing and Hanwell.

6. Uxbridge Road/Iron Bridge Southall

Comprising the broad dual carriageway between Southall Park and Hanwell Bridge, with open frontages and some good views where landscaping is important, also including a spur down Windmill Lane to Three Bridges.

7. Greenford Road Greenford

From Greenford Station to Ealing Northern Major Open Area and along Whitton Avenue East to Sudbury Golf Course.

8. East Churchfield Road/East Acton Lane W3

From Acton Town Centre to Acton Park Major Open Area. Open and attractive frontages are to be maintained.

9. Cuckoo Avenue W7

From the boundary of the Brent River Park on Ruislip Road East to the grounds of Hanwell Community Centre. Grass verges and a central island with many large trees connect the two prominent landscape features; Brent flood plain and an important viewing point, Hanwell Community Centre.

10. Uxbridge Road W7

Frontage between entrances of the two cemeteries in Hanwell. Mature plane trees on either side of the road form an important visual link between the two cemeteries.

11. River Brent

From the northern boundary of Brent River Park to the Borough boundary; also a Green Chain.

12. Other Railway Lines:

Gaps in any of these corridors represent sections of hard surfaces where there is, at present, inadequate space for development of vegetation. It is noted that implementation of this policy will have regard to the problem of leaf fall on railway tracks.

a) Central Line (LRT) W of Northolt Station to North Acton Station.
b) North London Line (Rail Track) S of Willesden Junction to N of Gunnersbury Station where a new station is proposed at junction with 12f.
c) Land at Halsbury Road East and West and the Marylebone Line (Rail Track) Northolt Park Station eastward.
d) British Rail and Central Line (LRT) From the canal W of Southall Station to E of Acton Main Line Station at Wormwood Scrubs. It includes corridor adjoining Hanwell Cemeteries and Conolly Dell.
e) Piccadilly-Heathrow Line (LRT) Acton Town to Boston Manor Station.
f) District Line with Piccadilly-Rayners Lane (LRT) Chiswick Park to Ealing Broadway and Park Royal.
g) Brentford Line (Rail Track) Southall Station southeastwards to the M4.

10.4  Heritage Land

  See Policy 3.3 and Map Sheets 1 and 2


Pitshanger Manor and Walpole Park - comprising garden and pleasure grounds to 18th century Pitshanger Manor. Walpole Park (10 ha) lies to the south west of the Manor and is crossed by axial paths, which provide links to Lammas Park. Key features within the park/garden include the lake, a low rustic classical bridge (listed), bench and rose garden.


Osterley Park environs - Approximately 560 ha, comprising landscape park, lakes, woodland and agricultural land. Park crossed in 1960's by the M4 motorway. The majority of the park is located within the LB of Hounslow, with only the northern portion within Ealing, immediately south of Tentelow Lane.


Twyford Abbey Grounds - Approximately 5.4 ha, comprising formal walled garden (listed), and wider landscaped area, which provides an informal setting for the Grade II listed Abbey building.


Map Sheet 2 - Green Space

  map sheet
  Click on the map for a larger view
  10.5  Public Open Space

See Policy 3.4 and Map Sheets 2, 3 and 4


1. Wesley Playing Fields NW10

2. Cerebos Gardens NW10

3. Victoria Gardens NW10

4. North Acton Playing Fields W3

5. Friars Place Green W3

6. The Green W3

7. St Dunstans Gardens Open Space W3

8. Springfield Gardens W3

9. Twyford Crescent Gdns W3

10. Heathfield Gardens W3

11. Woodlands Recreation Ground W3

12. Mill Hill Gardens W3

13. Avenue Road Recreation Ground W3

14. Acton Park W3

15. Bromyard Open Space W3

16. Claydon Garden W3

17. Trinity Way Open Space W3

18. Bromyard Gardens W3

19. Bollo Brook Park/South Park W3

20. South Acton Recreation Ground W3

21. Southfields Recreation Ground W4

22. Beaconsfield Road Open Space W4

23. Acton Green Common W4

24. Friars Gardens W3

25. Coronation Gardens

Ealing and Hanwell

26. Brentham Meadows W5

27. Fox Wood W5

28. Hanger Hill Park W5

29. Hanger Hill Crest Open Space/Fox Reservoir W5

30. Chatsworth Wood W5

31. Montpelier Park W5

32. Haven Green W5

33. Ealing Common W5

34. Ealing Green W5

35. Walpole Park W5

36. Lammas Enclosure W5

37. Lammas Park W5

38. Maytrees Rest Gardens W5

39. Village Park Rec. W5

40. Popefield W5

41. Baron's Pond W5

42. Bramley Road Open Space and Rest Garden W5

43. Blondin Park W5

44. Fielding Walk W13

45. Pitshanger Park W13

46. Cleveland Park W13

47. River Brent Conservation Site W13

49. Gurnell Playing Fields W13

50. Gurnell Grove Play Area W13

51. Castlebar Halt W13

52. Drayton Green W13

53. Dean Gardens W13

54. Walmer Gardens W13

55. Cuckoo Park Village Green W7

56. High Lane Rec Ground W7

57. Brent Lodge Park W7

58. Churchfields Recreation Ground W7

59. Manor Court Green W7

60. Conolly Dell W7

61. Lower Boston Road W7

62. King George's Field W7

63. Green Lane Wharf W7

64. Elthorne Park W7

65. Elthorne Waterside W7

66. St Margaret's Road Open Space (including Fox Meadow & Fox Woodland), W7

Greenford and Perivale

67. Ealing Northern Sports Ground/Grove Farm

68. Ridding Lane

70. Rothesay Recreation Ground

71. Rosewood Open Space

72. Horsenden Recreation Ground/Horsenden Hill

73. Horsenden Lower Thrifts Field

74. Ealing Central Sports Ground

75. Long Drive Open Space

76. Perivale Park

77. Cayton Green Park

78. Oldfield Recreation Ground

79. Oldfield Lane Open Space and War Memorial

80. Greenford Lagoons

81. Birch Wood

82. Marnham Field, Greenford Road

83. Marnham Fields, Western Avenue

85. Ravenor Park

88. Ormsby Green

89. West Ridge Green

90. Windmill Lane Open Space

48. Longfield Playing Fields W13

117. Windmill Lane Recreation Ground


91. Woodend Wireless Station

92. Mandeville Parkway

93. Northolt Park

94. Lord Halsbury's Memorial Playing Fields

95. Prior Fields

96. Islip Manor Estate Open Space

97. Islip Manor Park

98. Northolt Village Green

99. Mandeville Green

100. Northolt Manor

101. Northolt Village Rest Garden

102. Belvue Park

103. Northala Fields

104. Lime Trees Park

105. Laughton Road Playground

106. Medlar Park

107. Rectory Fields

108. Yeading Lane Estate Open Space

109. Rushdene Crescent Open Space

110. Yeading Brook Fields

111. Down Way Playground

112. Viking Primary School Open Space

113. Fairview Playground

114. Dehavilland Open Space

69. Wood End Recreation Ground West and East

84. Carr Road Playground & Ken Acock Centre

86. Smiths Farm


115. King George's Field

116. Greenford Recreation Ground

118. Jubilee Park

119. Dormers Wells Green

120. Mount Pleasant

121. Cranleigh Gardens/Cranleigh Play Park

122. Spikes Bridge Park (Southall Municipal Sports Ground)

123. Southall Park

124. The Crescent Open Space

125. Spencer Street Open Space

126. Southall Recreation Ground

127. Manor House Grounds

128. Glade Lane Canalside Park

129. Brent Meadow

130. Fitzherbert Walk & Hanwell Island

131. Blackberry Corner and Jubilee Meadow

132. Long Wood

133. Tentelow Lane Sports Ground

134. Havelock Road Open Space

135. Canalway Park

 87.  Bixley Fields

136. Wolf Green

137. Wolf Fields

138. Norwood Green

139. Trumpers Field


10.6  Community Open Space


See Policy 3.4 and Map Sheets 2, 3 and 4


1. Acton Cemetery, Chase Road, NW10
2. Acton HS Sports Ground, Gunnersbury Lane, W3
3. Alwyn Gardens Sports Ground, Alwyn Gardens W3
4. Bromyard Avenue Allotments, Bromyard Avenue W3
5. LiverpoolVictoria Sports Ground (part only), Carbery Ave, W3
6. East Acton Lane (The Vale) Allotments, Oak Way, W3
7. Goldsmiths Close Allotments, East Churchfield Road W3
8. Haberdasher Askes Sports Ground, Queens Drive, Acton, W3
9. Hanger Hill Garden Estate, Sports Ground
10. Horn Lane Sports Ground, Acton Main Line Station, Horn Lane
11. Great Western Allotments, Horn Lane, W3
12. Howard Close (Priory House) Allotments, Howard Close, W3
13. Iveagh Avenue, NW10
14. Noel Road Open Space, Alwyn Gardens, W3
15. Noel Road (The Chestnuts) Allotments, W3
16. Jerome Allotments, Hanbury Road, W3
17. South Acton Allotments, Palmerston Road, W3
18. St Andrews Allotments,  St Andrew's Road, W3
19. St Anne's Gardens Allotments, NW10
20. St Dunstans Allotments, East Acton Lane, W3
21. Saxon Drive (The Paddock) Allotments, The Link, W3
22. Shaa Road Allotments, East Acton Lane, W3
23. The Crescent Allotments, The Crescent, W3
24. Twyford Ave Sports Ground, W3
25. West Acton Primary School playing field, Noel Road, W3
26. Western Avenue Allotments, r/o 356-386 Western Avenue, W3
27. Western Gardens, Springfield Bowls Club (Excludes warehouse building) W5


Ealing and Hanwell
28. Ascott 1 & 2 Allotments, Ranaleigh Road/Queen Anne's Gardens
29. Brentham Allotments, Brunswick Road, W5
Brentham Estate Allotments/open space at rear of:
30. 7-26 Brunner Road,
31. 53-79 Fowlers Walk,
32.2-20 North View, 
33. 11-29 Dennison Road, W5,
34. 2-50 Dennison Road

35. Carbery Avenue Allotments & adjoining land (tennis courts), W5
36. Boundary Nature Reserve, Clitherow Avenue, W7
37. Cleveley Crescent Allotments, W5
38. Connell Crescent Allotments, W5
39. Durston House playing field, Carlton Road, W5
40. Ealing Cricket Club, Corfton Road, W5
41. Ealing Dean Allotments, Northfield Avenue, W5
42. Ealing Lawn Tennis Club, Daniel Road, W5
43. Framfield Road Allotments, Dryden Avenue, W7
44. Billet Hart Allotments, Green Lane, W7
45. Gunnersbury Ave land used by riding school W5
46. GWR Sports Ground, Vallis Way, W13
47. West Ealing Sports Ground, Mervyn Road, W13
48. Searchlight Allotments, Haslemere Avenue, W13
85. Haslemere Wildlife Reserve, Clitherow Avenue, W7
49. High Lane Allotments, High Lane, W7
50. Ludlow Road Allotments, r/o 12-34 Ludlow Road
51. Blondin Allotments and Community Park Land, Boston Manor Rd, W5
52. Pitshanger Allotments, Perivale Gardens, W13
53. Popes Lane Allotments, Beech Gardens.
54. Chilton Avenue Allotments South, Ealing W5
55. South Ealing Cemetery, South Ealing Road, W5
56. Village Park Allotments, Popes Lane, W5


Greenford and Perivale
57. Braund Avenue Allotments, Ruislip Road
58. Cayton Road Playing Field (part), Greenford
59. Costons Lane Allotments, Greenford
60. Greenford Hall Allotments, Greenford Road
61. Horsenden Allotments, Melville Avenue
62. Jubilee Road Allotments, Bilton Road, Perivale
63. Mansell Road Allotments, Greenford
64. Perivale W. Allotments, Stockdove Way, Perivale
65. Pleasant Way Allotments, Perivale
66. Stanhope Park Allotments, Oldfield Lane South, Greenford
67. Stanley Avenue Allotments, Greenford
68. Whitton Drive Allotments, Whitton Avenue East, Greenford
69. Whitton Place Allotments, Melville Ave
70. Windmill Lane Allotments, Greenford


71. Brighton Drive Allotments, Lewes Close, Northolt
72. Lime Trees 1 Allotments, Laughton Road, Northolt
73. Lime Trees 2 Allotments, Hawtrey Avenue, Northolt
74. Oldfield Allotments, Carr Rd


75. Bixley Field Allotments, Merrick Road,
76. Brent Meadow Allotments, Brentvale Avenue
77. Dormers Wells Allotments, Brindley Way, Southall
78. Durdans Park Allotments, off Lady Margaret Road,
79. Hayes Bridge Allotments, Beaconsfield Rd, Southall
80. Manor Way Allotments, Southall
81. Osterley Lane Open Space
82. Tentelow Lane Allotments Site, Southall
83. Western Road Allotments, Southall
84. Wolf Fields Allotments, Norwood Rd, Southall


  Note re. School playing fields - although these fulfil a community open space function, they are not normally listed as they are protected by other legislation. The Council is investigating whether additional protection is needed on certain sites.

Map Sheet 3 - District Park Deficiency

  map sheet
  Click on the map for a larger view

Map Sheet 4 - Local Park Deficiency

  map sheet
  Click on the map for a larger view

10.7 Nature Conservation Sites and Management Areas


See Policy 3.8 and 3.9 and Map Sheet 5


Sites in the Brent River Park - Note: The Brent River Park as a whole is designated as a Nature Conservation Management Area (NCMA).


Long Wood/ Boundary Stream: Southall

Lake at The Aviary, woodlands at Windmill Lane, and rough grassland and stream at Tentelow Lane. Part is Council owned. Long Wood a proposed LNR, remainder is a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation(SINC). Most woodland protected by Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Also includes: Warren Farm Nature Conservation Strip and Earl of Jersey's Field, Windmill Lane; hay meadow, hedgerow with old oaks; habitat for swallows and little owls; grazed meadow with projected woodland planting to add to Long Wood LNR.


Elthorne Waterside

Scrub and grassland east of the River Brent between Trumpers Way and LRT Piccadilly (Heathrow) Line with access from Elthorne Park and Wyke Gardens. SINC. Includes hay meadow and hedges.


Hanwell Flight, on the Southall / Hanwell borders

Jubilee Meadow/Blackberry Corner, side-ponds and canal at Hanwell Locks, vegetation at the Three Bridges, wooded slopes of the Southall-Brentford branch line (Rail Track), grassland at Trumpers Field, Fitzherbert Walk along the River Brent to Hanwell Bridge and embankments and wooded fringe (former St. Bernard's Hospital). SINC. Part covered by TPO. Also includes: Glade Lane Canalside Park (E part), Glade Lane Open Space, and canalside land, Southall - hay meadows, ponds, hedgerows, shrubs and canalside native black poplars; St Margarets Road Riverside (Fox Field & Fox Mound) - hay meadow and riverside land with native black poplar and river restoration project; R Brent at Walker Close - incl restored channel, island, riverside, woodland on east bank. 


Wharncliffe Viaduct, Southall and W7 (Uxbridge Road/ Greenford Road)

Wooded embankment along the Rail Track Line from Iron Bridge to the east end of the Viaduct with adjacent former allotments and part of West Middlesex Golf Course (W of Q8 Garage). Part is Council owned. SINC. Also includes: Brent Meadow, including former allotments - hay meadow, scrub and grassland, riverside pollards and hedgerows in Countryside Stewardship; native woodland and grassland on S boundary of Hanwell Cricket Club.


Dormers Mill Pond, Southall

Associated springs and streams at West Middlesex Golf Course, west of Greenford Road, Southall. Council owned but land leased to clubs. Area also includes former allotments. SINC.



Junction of Uxbridge Road and Greenford Road, Southall. Woodland and wetland. SINC. The area is covered by TPO.


The Hermitage

Church Road, W7. Spring, ponds and grounds; the southern edge (including ponds) of Brent Valley Golf Course; rear of St Mary's Churchyard and rear of the grounds of Glebe and Brent Courts. Part is Council owned. SINC. Most is covered by TPO.


Brentside High School, W7

Nature area, hedges and former layby to Ruislip Road East - plus replacement site to north. Council owned. SINC.


Ealing Golf Course; W13 and Greenford

Grass and scrub west of the public footpath from Pitshanger Park to Perivale Church, small ponds and woodland to the east of the footpath; small lake and woodland south east of the Club House; Churchyard and adjacent trees in Ealing Golf Course. SINC.


Land north and west of Bridge Avenue

A rough grassland area with ground nesting birds on the plateau and trees on the eastern edge. The riverside and Greenford Island provide a habitat for water loving plants. SINC. It includes west end of allotments (public access proposed in Allotments Strategy); west side of Brentside High School playing field; and nature area of Cardinal Wiseman RC High School with woodland, scrub and grassland.


Perivale Park Meadows, Costons Lane, Greenford 

Hay meadows in Countryside Stewardship, Costons Brook, riverside woodland and pollards (contiguous with site 10).


Argyle Road, Perivale

Perivale East Meadow, Perivale Lane; Beekeepers' area, Stockdove Way, W13; and River Brent, Perivale. Hay meadow and riverside willows in Countryside Stewardship with a proposed pond; Pond, hedges, riverside trees and stream; Riverside land at St Benedict's Playing Fields (privately owned).


Ealing Golf Course, Brent-ham Club, Pitshanger Park, pt of Pitshanger Allotments

River with natural banks, pollards, scrub and woodland. Includes flood meadow at Brentham Club (former pitch and putt) and projected meadow at north end of Pitshanger Allotments (see Allotments Strategy). 


Brentham Meadows, Ealing W5

Hay meadows in Countryside Stewardship, riverside woodland and scrub with alder buckthorn, pond and hedgerows.

Sites in Acton


Gunnersbury Triangle Bollo Lane, W4

A strip of former ballast storage adjoining the main Local Nature Reserve (in Hounslow) and a separate small site (partly developed) rear of Weston Road. This Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (SMI) is to be redesignated as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in line with Hounslow.


Heathfield Gardens W3

Southern part with pond, grassland, woodland and hedge. Council owned. SINC.


Park Royal Railway Land

Rail Track and LRT railside land from Western Ave and Chase Road bridge to Old Oak Common Lane. Grassland, brambles and scrub. SINC.


Embankment of Acton Marshalling Yards

Churchill Gardens, W3. Vegetation on embankment and adjoining wood. SINC. Part covered by TPO.


Land at East Acton W3

Including hedgerows, trees and woodland; and primary colonisation/scrub rear of Beech Avenue. Reduced area. SINC. 


Twyford Abbey Grounds NW10

Woodlands and meadow SINC. Covered by TPO.


Southfields Recreation Ground Nature Area, W4

SE corner with hedgerow, annual meadow, woodland planting, orchard and proposed pond. Stag beetles. 


Trinity Way Nature Area, W3

East third with meadow and hedgerow.


Acton Park Nature Conservation Area, W3

Area west of Centre Ave with meadow, hedgerow, orchard and proposed pond.

Sites in Ealing and Hanwell


Fox Wood Hillcrest Road W5

With golf course, springs, damp grassland, old oak trees and ditch at Hanger Hill Park; and remnants of Hanger Hill Wood, W5; Council owned. SINC. Also includes: Fox Wood LNR - hay meadows in LNR; Chatsworth Wood, Hanger Hill (western part) - SINC (North Circular widening abandoned). Whole site now proposed as LNR for its woodland and old oaks.


Former Guinness Mounds

Western Avenue, W5 and W3; Grassland. Site suitable for recolonisation by reptiles. SINC.


Montpelier Park Wood W5

Mount Avenue. Woodland and site of pond. Council owned. SINC.


Hathaway School Wilderness Area, W13

Cavendish Avenue to Gurnell Grove. Woodland, scrub and grassland, together with trees and hedges along associated footpaths. Three related sites. Council owned. SINC.


Hanwell Cemeteries Uxbridge Road, W7

Westminster Cemetery has special interest for the range of trees and ground flora present. SINC: Kensington and Chelsea cemetery has interesting bird population and lichen. Covered by TPO and Conservation Area.


Northfield Avenue Hedges,W13

Hawthorn hedges on both sides of Northfield Avenue, north of Occupation Road, including the lane at rear of Loveday Road, W13. Part is Council owned. SINC.     Continued after map


Map Sheet 5 - Nature Conservation

  map sheet
  Click on the map for a larger view

10.7 Nature Conservation Sites and Management Areas (Continued)


See Policy 3.8 and 3.9 and Map Sheet 5


Sites in Ealing and Hanwell


Ealing St Mary's W5

South Ealing Road, Burial ground rear of church with grassland and trees. SINC.


Barons Pond W5

At the corner of Gunnersbury Drive and Popes Lane. Council owned. SINC.


Grange Estate Pond Castlebar Hill W13

A pond and island with wildfowl and trees. SINC. Covered by TPO and Conservation Area.


Centre of Hanger Lane Gyratory, W5

Dense ornamental planting provides nesting sites for birds and an area of rough grassland with colourful flowering plants. SINC.


Cleveley Crescent Allotments, W5

Meadow and riverside scrub (2 linked areas). Slow Worms present.


Connell Crescent Allotments, W5

Scrub woodland on north facing slope with small glades.


Christchurch School W5

School Nature Area in town centre - small woodland in central Ealing location, wych elm tree.


Ealing Common, W5

3 areas: hay meadow (in southern part), Common Land (northern fringe); hedgerow (Leopold Road frontage)


Lammas Enclosure, W5

 Meadows adjacent to tennis courts, hedgerow and proposed pond.


Lammas Nature Area, W5

Small nature area behind playcentre with pond.


Blondin Park Nature Area, W5

Formerly part of Northfields allotments. Pond, reedbeds, grassland, orchard and hedgerows. Proposed LNR.


Haslemere Wildlife Reserve, off Cardiff Road, W7

Small reserve with regenerating scrub, annual meadows, pond and hedgerows. To be proposed as LNR.


Walmer Gardens W13

Small nature area with orchard, pond, hedgerow and meadow.


Factory Yard Wall, W7

Old wall with exceptional ferns including Rusty Back and Black Spleenwort (only Ealing site).

Sites in Northolt, Greenford and Perivale


Perivale Wood, Sunley Gardens, Greenford

Oak wood with bluebells, associated hedges, pond and meadows. Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and proposed by English Nature as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). Also a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (SMI). It includes buffer strip on W side.


Paradise Fields, Greenford

Greenford Road and Rockware Avenue. Grassland, ditches and some scrub. SINC. Part covered by TPO.


Part of Ealing Northern Sports Ground

Whitton Avenue West, Greenford. Woodland, grassland and streams. Council owned. SMI. Woodland, grassland and streams Council owned. SINC. Also includes: former sports pitch - now hay meadow.


Long Drive Grassland

Greenford. Mixed grassland with some chalk-loving species SINC.


Birchwood, Greenford

East of Long Drive, north of Western Avenue. Including adjoining scrub and pond. Council owned. SINC. Part of Northolt & Greenford Country Park.


Holy Cross Churchyard,

Ferrymead Gardens. Species-rich grassland; adjoining woodland and central reservation in road. SINC.


Litten Nature Reserve Greenford

Adjoining The Litten, Oldfield Lane South. Woodland, ponds and grassland. SINC; LNR.


Ravenor Park Nature Area

Trees and grassland. SINC.


Rear of Halsbury Road West and East

Northolt. Excluding land for warehousing already granted planning permission. Woodland, scrub, grassland and reedbed. SINC. Covered by TPO.


Land at Wood End Way

Northolt. Hedge and grassland along footpath. Council owned. SINC. Covered by TPO.


Land South of Carr Road

Northolt. Northeast of RailTrack/LRT lines crossing of Grand Union Canal. Trees, scrub, wetland and reedbed. SINC. Proposed LNR.


Lyons Tree Belt, Greenford

Rear of Carr Road/Rothesay Avenue. SINC; covered by TPO.


Northolt Manor,Ealing Road, Northolt

Churchyard, stream and village green, management to take account of the need to maintain the Ancient Monument. SINC. Also: Belvue Park, including meadow area and hedgerow entered into Countryside Stewardship. Part of Northolt & Greenford Countryside Park.


The West London Academy Nature Area, Western Ave, N'holt

Hedge, grassland and a pond adjacent to Lime Trees golf course. SINC.


Islip Manor Fields,Western Avenue, Northolt

Hedges, trees, species-rich grazed grassland. Council owned. Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (SMI).


Down Manor Northolt

A Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust nature reserve and woodland with hedgerows at West London Shooting Ground, Northolt. Management to take account of the need to maintain the Ancient Monument. SINC.


Yeading Brook Fields and Lane Covert Wood Northolt

Sharvel Lane to Knightsbridge Avenue, Species-rich grassland, old flood plain meadow and woodland. Part Council owned. Yeading Valley Park is a proposed Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation (remainder SINC).


Hayes By-pass Land, Northolt

Nature conservation area for Viking Middle School and public open space. SINC.


Rectory Park, Northolt

Nature Conservation Area within the park - area with pond, grassland and trees.


Smiths Farm, Northolt

 Wet meadows and pond, canalside woodland. Part of Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park.


Marnham Fields and Bridge Farm Open Space, Greenford

Meadows and scrub, degraded pond, trees. Part of Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park.


Greenford Lagoons, Greenford

Wet lagoons with reedbeds and nesting birds. Part of Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park.


Islip Manor Park Nature Conservation Area, Northolt

Nature area 


Horsenden Hill and Sudbury Golf Course

All of the site except permanent sports areas should be designated. Ancient woodland, old hedgelines, field ponds, hay meadows, canalside wetlands with Great Crested Newts etc. Exceptional fauna and flora.

Sites in Southall


Kingsbridge Crescent and Cranleigh Gardens

Spikes Bridge Park Conservation Area (previously 73)

Woods linked by a hedge along Grand Union Canal. Part is Council owned. SINC. Partially covered by TPO. Additional scrub area with potential for extension of existing canalside woodland. Now included: Cranleigh Gardens - extension to include derelict site to S with scrub and grassland, project to combine with existing woodland underway.

Wetland area in SW corner, meadow, ditch and bank with hedgerow along canalside, elm woodland to N by Scouts' Field.


Hedge at Avenue Road

Street trees and a long established hedge line with some fragmentation. SINC.


Tentelow Lane Woodland & Meadow

Woodland along edge of Sports Grounds. Part is Council owned. SINC. Covered by TPO. Now included: hay meadow to W of woodland.


Field and Wood between Osterley Lane and St Mary's Avenue South

Trees, hedges and grazing. SINC. Covered by TPO.


Southall Park Nature Conservation Area

Nature area with hedgerows, annual meadow and pond.


King George's Field Canalside

Canalside hedgerow. Part of projected nature conservation area, full extent yet to be decided.

Borough Wide Site (See also Brent River Park sites 1-14)


Grand Union Canal

Grand Union Canal - both branches (Paddington Branch and Metropolitan Branch) (SMI). The canal and towpath support a wide range of aquatic flora and fauna.

Management Areas


Horsenden Hill Greenford

Part of this is an SMI. On Sudbury Golf Course, golf is expected to continue as the primary recreational use of this ecologically interesting area. Proximity to the Horsenden Hill Management Area with its varied wildlife, would make management of the course to enhance its potential for nature conservation, more interesting to users. This would provide a larger area of wood and grassland for a variety of species on Horsenden Hill as a whole.


Brent River Park

The Park as a whole is designated. The nature conservation interest of the banks of the River Brent where it is not concreted should be noted.


Northolt-Greenford Country Park (Land at Smith's Farm and South of A40)

Greenford & Northolt. This is an ecologically important site in the Northolt-Greenford Countryside Park (Green Belt). The history of refuse tipping will influence future development. There will also be nature conservation opportunities presented by the flood relief lagoon on part of the site.


Lime Trees Golf Course

Northolt. Golf will continue to be the primary recreational use. Designation recognises the design of the course, which retained some of the species present on adjoining grassland and provided new ponds.


Northolt-Greenford Countryside Park (Rectory Field/Northala Park)

Northolt. Sports pitches and park area in the Northolt-Greenford Countryside Park with some features of nature conservation interest.


South Ealing Cemetery W5

Cemetery use is the main land use. Mown turf has an interesting range of plants and the western part has a wide range of mature trees.


Acton Cemetery NW10

Cemetery use is the main land use. Mown areas between the graves support a range of wild flowers; and scattered trees provide shelter and nest sites for birds. Mosses, lichen and algae grow on older gravestones.


10.8 Viewpoints and Landmarks

  See Policy 4.1 and Map Sheet 6

Local and Strategic Viewpoints




Down Barns, Sharvel Lane, Northolt

North-West & South-East

Countryside area and Green Belt


Target Roundabout

A40 Northolt



Northolt Village, North Greenford, Castlebar Hill, Central London


Greenford Radio Station, Wood End Lane, Northolt


North Downs and Castlebar Hill


Horsenden Hill, Greenford (Strategic Viewpoint)

West, East & North

Thames Valley to Windsor, City of London and Harrow-on-the-Hill


Ferrymead Avenue Open Space


B & Q Tower, Western Avenue, Northolt and Down Barns


Ravenor Park, Greenford


Costons Brook Valley


Uxbridge Road, Southall


Brent River Park


Tentelow Lane Wood and St Mary's Pastures


Osterley Park, Ealing


Warren Farm, Southall


Hanwell and St Thomas' Church, Boston Rd


Elthorne Park, W7


Osterley Park, Warren Farm


Hanwell Community Centre W7 and Littlejohn playing field


Horsenden Hill, Harrow-on-the-Hill and part of Cuckoo Park


Castlebar Park Station footbridge, W7


Horsenden Hill and Harrow-on-the-Hill


Cleveland Park, W13


Harrow-on-the-Hill, Horsenden Hill, Brent River Park and Perivale Church


Queens Walk W5


Brent River Park


Woodfield Road, W5


Sudbury Golf Course


Hanger Hill Park W5 (Strategic Viewpoint)


Wembley, Harrow-on-the-Hill and Horsenden Hill


Hanger Hill Estate - a viewpoint from the street


City of London


Old Oak Common Lane*


London and City


Church Road, Acton


Crystal Palace Ridge

Local Views in Brent River Park


Bridge Avenue Extension, W7

West, South & North

Brent Valley and Horsenden Hill


Uxbridge Road, Southall


Wharncliffe Viaduct


Three Bridges, Southall

East and West

St Bernards wall and Hanwell flight - canal and railway to west


St Marks Conservation Area at junction of River Brent and canal


Hanwell flight and St Bernards wall (ancient monument)


End of Church Road, W7 from Greenford Road


Brent River Park

Local Views in Southall


Southall Railway Bridge


Former Water Tower, The Straight


South Road/Southall Rlwy Bridge


Sikh Gurdwara site in Park Avenue

*Major development may take place on land immediately to the east of this viewpoint which should aim to frame distant views of the London skyline.

Additional Landmarks - shown on Map 6


St Mary's Church Spire, Church Road, Hanwell W7


Hanwell Community Centre Tower, W7


The spire of the former St Stephen's Church, W13 (now St Stephen's Court)


The Grange and the Cedars, Castlebar Hill, W13


The Water Tower, Hillcrest Road, W5


TVU 32-38 Uxbridge Road (Westel House), W5


St Mary's Church, Ealing Road, Northolt


St Mary's Church Tower, Kings Street, W3


St Dunstan's Church Spire, Friars Place Lane, W3


St Thomas's Church, Boston Road, W7


Christ the Saviour Church Spire, New Broadway, W5


Spire of the Polish Catholic Church in Ealing (former Methodist Church), Windsor Road, W5


Church Tower, St Mary's Church, St Mary's Road, W5


Map Sheet 6 - Views and Landmarks

  map sheet
  Click on the map for a larger view
  10.9 Statutory Listed Buildings and Ancient Monuments

See Policy 4.6 and 4.9 and Map Sheets 7 and 9


The Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest prepared by the Department of the Environment (all Grade 2 unless indicated)


Acton High Street, W3

(see High Street, W3)

Acton Lane, W4

2 Telephone Kiosks at corner of Acton Lane and South Parade, Chiswick Park Station (including two platforms with canopies and shelters and shops to either side of ticket hall) at corner of Acton Lane and Bollo Lane.

Acton Park, W3

(see East Churchfield Road, W3)

Allenby Road, Southall


Aston Road, W5

(see Woodville Road, W5)

Avenue, The: W4

London Bhuddist Vihara (former CAV Social Club), Bedford House(flats 1-12a) and 4 gate piers, 1, 1a, 1b, 2-37 (consec), 39, K6 Telephone Kiosk.

Bedford Road, W4

1A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Pillar Box at junction with The Orchard.

Bideford Ave, Perivale

(see Western Avenue, Perivale)

Blenheim Road, W4

1a, 1b, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25.

Bollo Lane, W4

Bollo Lane Junction Signal Box (see Acton Lane, W4 and Gunnersbury Lane, W3)

Boston Road, W7

Church of St Thomas (Grade 2*)

Brentmead Gdns, NW10

St Mary West Twyford Church

Bridge, The; W5

(see Uxbridge Road, W5)

Bulls Bridge Rd, S'thall

Bulls Bridge (Bridge No 21) over Grand Union Canal - Paddington Branch junction. (Partly within LB Hillingdon)

Campbell Road, W7

Hanwell Railway Station (Main up side building and down side island platform at Hanwell Station)

Castlebar Rd, W5

28, 30.

Charlbury Grove, W5

St Benedict's Ealing Abbey Church

Church Lane, W5

1, 15.

Church Road, W7

Church of St Mary (Grade 2*), Glasse Monument in St Mary's Churchyard, 99 (Spring Cottage), 134, 135 (Rectory Cottage), 204 (The Hermitage), Stable Block in Brent Lodge Park

Church Road, Northolt

(see Ruislip Road, Northolt)

Churchfield Rd East W3

(see East Churchfield Road, W3)

Common, The; W5

6, 7, 8, 9.

Crescent, The; Southall

Southall Water Tower (1, The Straight)

Crown Street, W3

Ice House in Woodlands Recreation Ground.

Ealing Green, W5

St Mary's (BT building) - house, gates and railings, Morgan House, Wrexham Lodge, Willow House, 22 and 22a The Green (chemist), Pine Cottage, Thorpe Lodge (Walpole Park), White House and Stages 2, 3a, 3b, 5 .Ealing Studios

Ealing Road, Northolt

Church of St Mary (Grade 1)
Moated Site at Northolt Manor is a Scheduled Ancient Monument

Ealing Village, W5

1-128 (consec), 129 and 130 (Lodge), 131 and 132 (Lodge), clubroom, swimming pool and lamp posts

East Churchfield Rd, W3

Nos. 1-20 (consec) Goldsmiths Almshouses (1-20) and Chapel, and railings fronting road (Grade 2*), Obelisk in Acton Park (opposite Goldsmiths Almshouses).

Edgehill Road, W13


Elm Grove Road, W5

All Saints Church

Fairway, The; Northolt

St Barnabas Church at corner of Raglan Way

Ferrymead Gardens, Greenford

(see Oldfield Lane South)

Glade Lane, Southall

Grand Union Canal Lock and Bridge No 90 (walls, gates, sluices and bridge, Hanwell Flight)

Grand Union Canal

(see Bulls Bridge Road, Glade Lane, Windmill Lane)

Green, The; W5

(see Ealing Green, W5)

Green, The; Southall

Southall Manor House

Green Lane, W7

(see Windmill Lane, Southall)

Gunnersbury Lane, W3

Acton Town Station, including integral parade of shops

Hanger Green, W5

(see Western Avenue, W5)

Haven Green, W5

36 (chemist shop)

High Street, W3

Acton Hill Methodist Church, George and Dragon PH, 185, 241, 243, 245, 247, 249, 251, 253, 255, 257, 259, 261, 263, 265, 267, Gala Bingo Club (20-34), Acton Town Hall, Chimney at Acton Public Swimming Baths, Acton Public Library

High Street, Southall

Red Lion public house (94-100)

Highview Road


Hillcrest Road, W5


Horsenden Lane, P'vale Iron Age Settlement on Horsenden Hill is a Scheduled Ancient Monument
King Street, W3

Church of St Mary, The Way Monument in the Churchyard of St Mary.

Little Ealing Lane, W5

Rochester House, Place House (King Fahad Academy for Girls)

Leighton Road, W13

The Forester PH

Mall, The; W5

NatWest Bank,( formerly Ealing Town Hall - 18), 7, 42, 43

Marchwood Cresc, W5

(see Charlbury Grove, W5)

Marlborough Crescent, W4

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, and railings to front of Nos 41 and 43.

Mattock Lane, W5

86, Church of St John

Meadvale Road, W5

Brentham Clubhouse

Mount Avenue, W5

33, 35, 37

Mount Park Road, W5

Lamp Standard at junction with Park Hill, 46, 56 (St Peters vicarage), Church of St Peter (Grade 2*)

Mount, The; W3

(see King Street, W3)

New Broadway, W5

Parish Church of Christ the Saviour (Grade 2*), Ealing Town Hall

Newburgh Road, W3

Gate, gate piers and railings to rear of Nos 13 and 15

Newton Grove, W4

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and adjoining stables

Northfield Avenue, W5

Northfields Station including forecourt walls and platforms, 266/268 (former Odeon Cinema) (Grade 2*)

Northfield Road

53 (warehouse, 49-53 in Gazetter)

North Road, Southall

77 (Grove House)

Norwood Road, Southall

196, 198

Norwood Green Rd, Southall

The Grange, Friars Lawn, Norwood Hall

Oldfield Lane South, Greenford

Church of the Holy Cross (Grade 1), Holy Cross New Church (Grade 2*), 162 (Bethan House)

Orchard, The, W4

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 37 (see Bedford Road, W4)

Osterley Park

Roman Bridge (across watercourse in fields west of Windmill Lane Grade 2*) (Partly within LB Hounslow)

Osterley Views

(see Uxbridge Road, Southall)

Park Hill, W5

(see Mount Park Road, W5)

Park, The; W5

17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

Perivale Lane, Greenford

Church of St Mary the Virgin (Grade 1)
Lych Gate (north west of Church of St Mary the Virgin)
Colleton Tomb, St Mary the Virgin Churchyard

Pitshanger Lane

Church of St Barnabas

Popes Lane

Northern boundary wall of Ealing Cemetery (80m) (Grade 2)

Queen Anne's Gdns, W4

1, 2, 3, 4, 4a, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

Queen Anne's Grove, W4

1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35

Raglan Way, Northolt

(see Fairway, Northolt)

Ruislip Road, Northolt

White Hart public house at corner of Church Road

Rydal Crescent, Perivale

(see Western Avenue, Perivale)

Scotch Common

The Kent Hotel

St Mary's Road, W5

19, 21, 23, 94 (Westfield House), Church of St Mary (Grade 2*)

St Stephen's Road, W13

Former Church of St Stephen (St Stephen's Court, 1-22)

Sharvel Lane, Northolt Moated Site at Down Barns Farm is a Scheduled Ancient Monument
South Ealing Road, W5

Two Chapels at South Ealing Cemetery, (197) Cemetery Lodge (includes the Boardroom), (199) South Lodge, and the cemetery boundary wall to the western boundary at Ealing Cemetery (70m) - (Grade 2)

South Parade, W4

1 (Melbourne House), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Grade 2*) Duke of Sussex PH (75) (see Acton Lane and The Avenue, W4)

South Road, Southall

Himalaya Palace Theatre (Grade 2*) (formerly Liberty Cinema)

Station Approach, W7

(see Campbell Road)

Station Road, W5

North Ealing Station (Grade 2)

Tentelow Lane, Southall

Church of St Mary (Grade 2*), Robins Memorial in St Mary's Churchyard, The Plough Public House, 15 (former Norwood Free School) - (Grade 2*) (see Osterley Park)

Tudor Road, Southall

Church of St George

Twyford Abbey Rd, NW10

Twyford Abbey and Wall to Garden

Twyford Crescent, W3

(see Uxbridge Road, W3)

Uxbridge Road, W3

West Lodge at Grosvenor Court; The Elms, within Twyford High School (Grade 2*)

Uxbridge Road, W5

Ealing Common Station including vestibule shops and platforms, 2 The Bridge (shop), Mile post (north side of Ealing Common at junction with The Common)

Uxbridge Road, W7

Railing, gate piers and gates to City of Westminster Cemetery, Hanwell Bridge over River Brent.

Uxbridge Road, W13

Mile post (outside 173, Bulvinos House)

Uxbridge Road, Southall

Brunel's Wharncliffe Viaduct (Grade 1). Former St Bernard's Hospital (part is within Ealing Hospital and part is Osterley Views), Former St Bernard's Hospital Entrance Gateway and Lodges, Ealing Hospital Chapel and West Lodge. Water Pump opposite Lyndhurst Avenue on south edge of West Middlesex Golf Course

Walpole Park, W5

Pitshanger Manor Museum(Grade 1). Entrance Archway and gate to Pitshanger Manor (Grade 1). Perceval Lodge at Pitshanger Manor, Stone Bridge at north end of pond Walpole Park (Grade 2*), North Boundary Wall to Walpole Park fronting Mattock Lane, and stone bench adjacent to wall

West End Rd, Northolt

(see Sharvel Lane, Northolt)

Western Avenue, W5

Park Royal Station and adjoining shops and flats including 1-6 Station Chambers and 1, 1a, 1b to 11a and 11b Hanger Green.

Western Avenue, Perivale

Hoover Building (Tesco superstore, former Hoover factory). Main front block (Grade 2*). Former canteen block (front) (Grade 2*)


Gates, 2 gate piers and railings between them on corner of Western Avenue and Rydal Crescent. Forecourt piers, gates and railings,

Gates and 2 gate piers, frontage to Bideford Avenue

Western Road, Southall

(see Bulls Bridge Road, Southall)

Whitton Avenue East, Perivale

The Sudbury Stone in the grounds of Sudbury Golf Club behind the club house
The Moated Site at Sudbury Golf Course is a Scheduled Ancient Monument

Windsor Road, W5

Polish R.C. Church and Centre (Former Ealing Broadway Methodist Church and Memorial Hall)

Windmill Lane, Southall

Lock Keepers Cottages at Locks 92, 93, 95 and 97 on Grand Union Canal between Windmill Lane and Green Lane, W7
Three Bridges, Hanwell Flight of Locks and brick boundary wall are Scheduled Ancient Monuments
(see Osterley Park)

Woodlands Rec., W3

(see Crown Street, W3)

Woodstock Road, W4

Nos. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45

Woodville Road, W5

Lamp Standard at junction with Aston Road

Ealing Council Unitary Development Plan